Recipe of the Month: Chicken and Corn Soup

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For marinating the chicken:

Soy sauce                                            1 Teaspoon

Salt                                                        ¼ Teaspoon

Sugar                                                    ½ Teaspoon

Corn Starch                                       1 Teaspoon


For soup:

Mince chicken                                  100g

Swanson chicken broth               412ml

Water                                                   515ml

Cream corn                                        1 can (425ml)

Coriander                                           1 bunch

Egg                                                        1

Corn Starch                                       1 teaspoon



  • Mix the ingredient for marinating chicken.
  • Add the mince chicken with the mixture and stir for 15 minutes. Then add 40ml of water to the chicken and stir until evenly distributed.
  • Mix cornstarch and 50g of cold water and leave it for later use.
  • Add 425ml of water and cream corn to the pot and wait till it boils
  • In the meantime, chop coriander finely and whisk the egg in a separate bowl to prepare for later use
  • After the pot boils, turn down the fire and gradually add the mince chicken mixture while stirring, then turn up the fire and wait til it boils again.
  • After the pot boils, turn down the fire again and pour the mixture of cornstarch and cold water into the pot and wait til it boils for the third time.
  • Turn off the fire once it boiled and gradually add the egg while stirring the boil.
  • Close the lid and wait for 5 minutes.
  • You may then add the chopped coriander in the portion of your delight.

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