Recipe of the month: Soy Hot Pot (2 Serving)

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Water                                               500ml

Konbu                                               1 piece

No Sugar Soy Milk                        500ml

Salt                                                    1 Teaspoon

Hon Dashi                                       1.5-2 Teaspoon

Mirin                                                             1 Tablespoon

Cooking Sake                                  1 Tablespoon

Shiro Miso                                       1 Tablespoon

Tofu                                                   500g 

White Cabbage                             ¼ of a whole

Pork Belly                                       300g


Other Ingredients that you may like:

Crab Stick                                                   


Japanese Rice Cake                                 





  1. Wipe the Konbu with kitchen paper and sit it with tab water overnight
  2. Boil Konbu with Water for at least 3 hours with Medium Fire to get its favour out
  3. Remove Konbu from the pot and add No Sugar Soy Milk, Salt, Hon Dashi, Mirin, Cooking Sake, Shiro Miso to the pot.
  4. Wait till the soup base boil and feel free to add any ingredients you like and boil till ready to Eat! 

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